ABC Little School


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11728 Moorpark Street
Studio City, CA 91604
Tel : (818) 766-5557

"It is our ultimate goal to maintain an environment where parents have a piece of mind when the children are in our care. It is important to know that children are safe, happy and well taken care of. The essence of our care revolves around “The Whole Child” approach where proper education, nurture, nutrition and play combine. Our campuses and staff are continuously improving,  our goal is  to provide the best care for the little ones. There are 5 convenient locations in Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, North Hills, Studio City and West Hollywood."

Colfax Elementary


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11724 Addison Street
Valley Village, CA 91607

Tel : (818) 761-5115

"We have an incredibly dedicated faculty and staff to provide students a quality well-rounded program that is rooted in a rigorous curriculum and enriched with sports, music, theater, and visual arts. Our mission is to ensure the academic and personal success of each and every student. We encourage each child to aspire to his or her highest potential in a safe engaging environment.

In 2008 Colfax became the first affiliated charter in the San Fernando Valley. Although we are still a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, we have flexibility in our instructional programs and budgets. Our instructional programs integrate core academics with Science, Technology, and the Arts. Our students have opportunities to participate in Student Government, 5th Grade Leadership, School Plays, Science Olympiad, Spelling & Geography Bees, Orchestra, and Competitive sports. Our teachers work closely with parents to tailor the instructional program for every student. Our intervention programs are closely monitor by students, teachers, parents and staff. They are offered to students before, during and after school. Programs such as ST Math, Raz-Kids, Typing Pals, Read Naturally, and Touch Math motivate students to monitor their own progress, set goals, and celebrate their achievements. 


Our Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) and Parent Association of Colfax Elementary (PACE) organizations work to beautify the school, provide opportunities for volunteering, and raise funds to support our excellent programs.  Thanks to their efforts we have art and music programs, a farm, a science lab, a Wonder of Reading library, a track and field, playground equipment, support in the classrooms and our very own literacy garden."

The Wesley School


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4832 Tujunga Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91601 

Tel : (818) 508-4542

"Academic Excellence and Character Development 
Within the Circle of Family"

"The Wesley School builds confidence and encourages independence through a challenging academic program that stretches each student to reach the highest level of individual achievement within a supportive, nurturing environment. Wesley cultivates in students strong creative, physical, and spiritual foundations to prepare them to be productive and respectful contributors to a global society."

Walter Reed Middle School


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4525 Irvine Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91602
Tel : (818) 487-7600

"The counselors at Walter Reed Middle School believe that:

  1. Every student has the right to a comprehensive school counseling program.

  2. The school counseling program is based on stated goals and delineatedsfudent competencies and evaluated by the counselors and Assistant Principal of Secondary Counseling Services.

  3. The school counseling program is consistent with expecteddevelopmental stages of learning and is an integral part of a student's total educational program.

  4. The school counseling program will be aligned with the American SchoolCounseling Association National Model and ethical guidelines.

  5. AII sfudents have aacess to a school counselor to discuss personal concerns.

  6. All sfudents have access to information about academic and careerplanning.

  7. Students and staff are encouraged to recognize and appreciate the unique contributions, rights, responsibilities and esteem of self and others."

Oakwood Secondary High

K-7 ; 7-12

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11600 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
 Elementary Tel : (818) 732-3500

Secondary Tel : (818) 732-3000

"Relationships are at the core of our community. Teachers believe in intellectual integrity, and exemplify it. They not only espouse social morality, they encourage students to take action, to make a difference. 
Administrators are immersed in the day-to-day life of the school, and are as likely to be richly engaged by students as they are by school policies. 
Oakwood students, kinders through 12th graders, call teachers and administrators by their first names. It's not that informality is a goal in and of itself, it is that removing barriers to open dialogue is encouraged. Respect for each individual voice is what makes Oakwood special. 
It is only fitting that a school founded by families would be governed by them as well. Oakwood's Board of Trustees is comprised primarily of parents, alumni, past Oakwood parents and members of the national educational community. It ensures the continuing health of the school's plant, endowment, and financial aid programs. 
And without parent volunteers some things just might not get done. Parents assist on field trips, participate in the classroom, and provide numerous services to students. The Parent Organization is open to all parents of the school. 
Led by an active Alumni Council, alumni participate in fundraising, reunions, networking, and share their expertise with others. Alumni have returned as faculty members, trustees, and now as parents of Oakwood students